Why Choose TIH?

Your organization’s one stop shop for every day health education & services within every type of work environment.


To achieve the most productive organization possible, you need to embrace every employee’s needs with the four TIH pillars of health:

  • Physical Activity
  • Essential Eating
  • Mental Hygiene
  • Healthy Habits


  • Surveying those involved collecting all concerns and identifying any problems.
  • Creating awareness; focusing on each employees needs + the corporation’s needs as a whole.
  • Educating your organization about the procedures and the fundamentals of health that is unique to your work environment.
  • Implementing the right prevention tools, and the proper next steps to continue practicing all the education we provide your team.
  • Simplifying needed solutions.
  • Collaborating with you on new opportunities for new success!

 Communication Is Key

Communication is one of those things that the whole world needs to have in order to connect. Take a moment to think about the truth behind this; Our Relationships, Technology, Education, World Advancements, HEALTH ect. These are all impacted first by how well we use communication.

One of the best ways to form a strong line of communication with those around us is to form a solid common ground, or a common passion. TIH will form that connection within all levels of your organization because it is our passion to do so.

Along with our passion for what we do; we adjust our approach and resources specifically to your workplace needs and schedule. The options to access TIH services are completely customizable!

Operational across Canada at your location, online or come to our facility!

That means no traveling, no increase of work load and no lost hours for your organization.

Imagine your workplace with lower levels of stress, happier employees, more effective communication, unified teams, increased productivity, and achievement of a consistent safe and welcoming environment.


Now you have the vision we can provide you!

Lets get started…….

We know you are ready…
It’s time to
“Live Life In Your Body First”