Educational Prevention Clinic & Memberships

What is an Educational Prevention Clinic?

Focuses on balancing all important fundamentals that impact your day to day life, as well as health education to measure, prevent, manage or reduce health related conditions.

TIH believes that the best approaches for optimal Health includes:

  1. Being proactive with your Health by educating yourself as much as possible and putting what you wish into practice.
  2. Building yourself the best possible support system and learning how to involve both your mind and body to improve, endure and reduce (when possible) any conditions you may currently be living with.
  3. Education is the best way to reduce risk and improve our quality of life.

Our inclusive This Is Healthful Educational Prevention Clinic supports you during all stages of your life and at all chapters of your health.

Personal Health Members will always be able to make an informed decision on:

1) Where their focuses should be and in what order.

2) How to build themselves a support system.

3) What type of additional services are offered in private sessions. (if needed)

Note: Members receive discounts on TIH Health Centre services.

Why should you become a Personal Health Member?

Your health needs change day to day so does the needs for your support system.

 TIH supports you while you build a consistent foundation of health education to honestly respond to your personal health needs and wants.

Once that foundation is stable you can progress and challenge the new areas.

  • You are provided over 40 opportunities each month to support your health Nutritionally, Physically, Mentally and Environmentally.
  • Be informed and equipped to be able to support a loved one through a condition or help them prevent a condition.
  • You will have such a wide range of specialists available to you.
  • No where else will it be this affordable.

Life accommodating Workshops and Q&A’s:

  • Watch or participate in the comfort of your own home Online
  • Participate in person at our This Is Healthful, Educational Prevention Clinic
  • Interactive APP to track and connect with our TIH specialists.

Members receive support from our whole Team of Specialist 

Registered Dietitian, Registered Kinesiologist, RPN- Registered Practical Nurse,

Mental Hygiene Specialist, Fitness & Health Consultant, Exercise Physiologists,

Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists,

Personal Fitness Trainers, Social Worker, Lifestyle Coaches, Psychotherapists,

Naturopathic and many other Health Professional.

What types of Personal Health Memberships are there?

  • Facility + Online Personal Health Membership

  •  Online Personal Health Membership


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