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Owners message photo         Cheryl Mason, Owner – CEO

  • Sports Business MGMT Masters, Graduate.
  • Recreational Facility MGMT
  • NCCP Level 3 Coach
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Health & Fitness Consultant
  • Indoor Cycle – Aqua – Group Fitness Instructor
  • Sports Performance Nutritionist

What I value most about my health is that I am equipped to help others find joy in healthy living. It amazes me every day that the body has a natural ability to heal, nurture and provide safety. My career is in health because it excites me, I’ll never stop learning, I love spending my days supporting people’s journey of achieving a wide variety of different types of unique “personal potentials”. I encourage people to safely find the next step out of their comfort zone to reach goals, most importantly I educate people to never worry about how many steps it takes to get there but to apply what they learned along the way.

Cheryl has assisted with the expansion of health, fitness, long term athlete development in sports and the general public within Canada from local grassroots to International competitions since 2003.

Email Address: cheryl@thisishealthful.ca

Be good to your body it is the only place you have to live” -unknown.

19553897_240332263144366_2673737920708854906_n         Sheena Lalonde, Director of Customer Care and Mental Hygiene

What I value the most about my health is the love and energy I am able to provide to my family. Being a healthy Mom means I can be a strong role model for my family and teach the importance of exercise and how to fuel your body properly.  I chose a health related career because I want to take my passion and positivity and  use it to inspire those around me. I love getting to know people who I work with and I love learning new things from my clients each day.

Email Address: sheena@thisishealthful.ca

“It is no coincidence that four of the six letters in Health are “Heal”” – Ed Northstrum


20170306_120831         Steven Page, Director of Operations

What I value about health is not having any limitations to participate/compete in any activity I choose. There is a high level of satisfaction to be had in the health field.  To be able to make a difference in the quality of life in others is very fulfilling. Additional information to know about me; I like vegetables, meat and beer, but not necessarily in that order.

Email Address: steve@thisishealthful.ca

“To be healthy is the ability to undertake any task, and know that you are equipped with the tools needed to succeed.”- unknown


20140807_201812-1     Ben Leber, Manager of Physical Activity

  • M.Sc Kinesiology
  • Registered Kinesiologist
  • Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Specialist

In terms of my health, I value the fact that I can get up and do anything I want whenever I want. I very rarely have any injuries or complications that keep me down for long. I also enjoy the fact that I can challenge myself to make me a better person and health care professional. Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life. I thought of no better way than to combine this passion with my passion to help others. I find nothing more rewarding than to help others achieve their goals and achieve a greater quality of life. I specialize in: working with people with disease and disability. I have worked with many people ranging from neurotrauma such as stroke and brain injury to metabolic conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Email Address: ben@thisishealthful.ca

If exercise was discovered today it would be considered a miracle drug.” -unknown.

20170725_152450Lauren Wills, Manager of Essential Eating

  • BSc in Nutrition with Honours
  • Registered Dietitian – College of Dietitians of Ontario

What I value most about my health is that it allows me to pursue all aspects of life that I am passionate about. Achieving a good quality of life is affected by many factors, although our state of wellbeing and health are the cornerstones. Leading a healthy lifestyle allows me to be active, spend time with family and friends, and gives me the capacity to share my knowledge and experience with others. The field of nutrition is ever changing and evolving which is why I enjoy working in this area so much; it keeps me on my toes. Having this disposition for continual inquiry and further learning not only helps me grow as an individual, but fuels my passion for the dietetics profession and helping others. I strive to help translate scientific nutrition information into practical solutions that fit into clients’ everyday lives.

Email Address: lauren@thisishealthful.ca

“Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the soul”


20170725_152647Lisa Meeds- Senior Coordinator of Healing Health

  • Registered Practical Nurse – College of Nurses of Ontario

Health gives me the ability to live each day to the fullest. To me health means constant learning, growing and hard work. Through out my own personal health goals I have discovered there are no “failures” just methods that didn’t work and that there is always a lesson to be learned from everything. I chose a career in healthcare because of the comfortable clothes and the dream of taking my knowledge, passion and positivity and using it to inspire and help others achieve their goals whatever they may be. Some of the items I specialize in are: chronic and acute conditions as well as pain and Mental Health disorders.

Email Address: lisameeds@thisishealthful.ca

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”- Buddha


screenshot-31Heather Vrbanac, OT Reg. (Ont.) – Coordinator of Occupational Therapy Services

  • M.Sc. Occupational Therapy
  • B.A. – Psychology and Gerontology
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences

To me, living healthy means participating in all aspects of my life in ways that leave me feeling satisfied and fulfilled. I believe that we are living our healthiest life when we are doing things that are important to us, that are purposeful, and bring meaning to each day. Health is dynamic and might look different from person to person, or even within ourselves at different times in our life. What I value most about living a healthy lifestyle is being active, challenging myself to grow and try new things, and constantly adapting and evolving to incorporate a changing picture of my health. I’m at my best with the help of my support network, so I’m my healthiest when I’m surrounded by family and friends doing things that I love. I’m passionate about empowering others to find their version of healthy through engaging in occupations (tasks and activities of everyday life), building personal supports, and maximizing overall wellness. It’s this desire to help others that led me to the occupational therapy profession, and it’s what excites me everyday as an occupational therapist!

Email Address: heather@thisishealthful.ca

When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itselt, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied”- Herophilus

Jenna for website      Jenna Bennett, Manager of Healing Health
  • Registered Nurse
  • BScN
  • Community Health Nursing Certificate CCHN(C)

The most valuable thing about my health is simply health its self. A healthy body and mind are fundamental to every aspect of my life.  They are the building blocks of everything I do. Making health as my career was a simple extension of what I believe in.  People have the right to healthcare and resources that allow them to be as healthy as possible. By providing health services as my career I am doing something I believe in. Additional information to know about me;  I love to be active and travel.  Rock climbing and soccer are just a few of my activities, with swing dancing, hiking, and world travel on the side. I enjoy sharing my experience, knowledge and the occasional story with others, while helping them on their journey to a healthy life.

Everything in moderation“. – I was taught this by my grandmother as a child and it applies to all aspects of life.  Food, exercise, work and fun.  She is now 93 and her husband of 70 years is 100.

Samara new photo      Samara Murphy, Manager of Family Health

  • Registered Nurse
  • BScN
  • Registered Nurse with College of Nurses of Ontario

Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good health and wellness is a priority for me in order to be a good role model for my family and to enjoy life to the fullest. Eating healthy and being active makes me feel like my best self. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy foods and being active is the number one way people have to combat disease and poor health. Although there are some predisposing factors impacting health that are not within our control such as family history,living a healthy lifestyle is within our control. Maintaining health has a direct impact on quality of life. Choosing health as a career enables me to provide guidance and teaching to help other make conscious informed decisions about their health. Additional information to know about me; I am a busy working mother of two and I truly understand that achieving and maintaining a healthy life is an ongoing challenge.

Strive everyday for healthy balance“. -unknown. This refers to balancing the goals of eating healthy, incorporating activity and reflecting on positive ways to continue to incorporate and achieve balance on a daily basis.

headshot(2)    Kristen Wetherall, Manager of Essential Eating

  • BASc Nutrition & Food – Registered Dietitian (RD)
  • BSc Human Kinetics – Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP)

My health gives me the ability to enjoy life!  I laugh, learn, explore and spend time with family and friends. Living a healthy lifestyle today allows me to look forward to everything the future may bring tomorrow. I have always found the human body fascinating. The more I learn about health and wellness, the more I find myself wanting to share this knowledge with others. I love working in this field because it is always changing and I am always finding new ways to challenge myself and help the people I work  with. After completing degrees in Human Kinetics and Nutrition and Food, I have developed a very broad view of health. I believe that a balanced lifestyle is the key to wellness, health and happiness.

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” -Babe Ruth


20140805_134815-1  Lisa Guadamuz, Manager of Physical Rehabilitation

  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Indoor Group Cycle Instructor
  • Heart Wise Training
  • RMT Inactive
  • YMCA Education Instructor
  • Sport Nutritionist

To me, “Health” means the balance of work and play; it incorporates continuous learning as well as caring and contribution. I understand health is constantly changing and appreciate that there’s always more to learn. From a young age, I could see that many people struggled to lead healthy, balanced lives. With a career in the health and wellness industry, I can continue to educate myself and share this information with others around me. I can teach people how to overcome their personal barriers and help them learn how to attain a happy, healthy lifestyle. My mission is to provide people with the necessary education to support fundamental choices that will nurture a healthy lifestyle. I specialize in: anatomy, injury prevention and rehabilitation, chronic/congenital disorders, movement mechanics and sport-specific training.

The more you learn, the more people you can help.” -unknown.




   A option lisa m      Lisa Middleton, Manager of Well-being

  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Certificate  Integral Associate Coach
  • Social science, Education Baccalaureate
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Professor of Wellness and Nutrition at Algonquin College

Although she believes it is very important to have a strong and healthy body, she also believes it is essential to have a strong and healthy mind.  When the mind is clear it is so much easier to manage emotions and to know what inputs the body needs.  The most effective way Lisa has found to accomplish this is through the practice of yoga and meditation. Raised in an athletic environment, living a healthy lifestyle has always been an integral part of Lisa’s life. Her personal mission is to help create a happier and healthier community. She believe that happiness comes from finding a dynamic balance among the physical, spiritual and intellectual aspects of life. Lisa brings leadership, energy, inspiration, humour and expertise to her coaching. Every session is custom designed to meet her clients unique set of needs and to help them create lasting change.

“Balance is not something that you find, it is something that you create” – Jana Kingsford



 T.I.H Board Members


Julia Woolsey, T.I.H Board Member

Julia believes that clarity of mind is achieved through healthy, informed nutrition and daily physical activity. Once a competitive athlete, Julia channels this experience into her current role as an instructor and coach.

My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is“-Sir Edward Dyer.


Brynna Lemmex, T.I.H Board Member

Is currently a social worker at the Ottawa Hospital. She fully believes in a holistic approach to health ensuring that body, mind and spirit are well taken care of. Brynna completed her master’s in social work at the University of Toronto specializing in addictions and families. She developed and deepened her love of helping others while working at Kids Help Phone, a 24 hour helpline for children and youth across Canada. What she values most about her health is the ability to be outside and work up a sweat not only from the sun but also those tough planks! When not working in the hospital, Brynna is can be seen snowboarding in the Gatineau hills or biking around town trying to find a new restaurant.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”– Ghandi


Gavin Lumsden, T.I.H Board Member

I value good health in others as well as my own, because I believe it is the foundation required for living a fulsome life. That, and it allows me to eat what I want. I am addicted to seeing others achieve their goals. I have had the privilege of having a number of fitness and wellness experiences and successes, and I know they all felt really great. So if I can do even a little bit, by lending a hand, encouragement, or reference book to someone pursuing their own wellness goal, I try and do that.

“You don’t have to do very much…just a little bit every day”. Dr Sean Egan