Initiatives We Support

The Healthful Initiative Fund supports our members charitable and health related causes that are important to them & T.I.H’s Objective, Mission and Vision.

The Health Initiatives chosen by our members that T.I.H’s H.I.Fund supports will be featured in our “This Is Beautiful” section of our Personal Health Members Website and on our social media outlets.

Nominated Healthful Initiatives can be an individual’s cause, event, charitable foundation and organizations program or fundraiser.

We encourage people from all over Canada to either promote a unique initiative they are involved with or to nominate one as a surprise to the organizers or individual.

Please email and title it “Health Initiative Submission”,

In the email please provide us as much information as possible;

  • Website (if applicable).
  • Main contact person.
  • Objectives / Purpose.
  • History of the initiative.
  • Outline your overview.
  • What would the T.I.H’s Funding be put towards?

The Healthful Initiative Fund receives its funding by:

  • 10 % of the profit from Healthful eStore Items sold.
  • 99 cents of every purchased Personal Health Membership.
  • A portion of all Corporate Health Membership.
  • Public donations.

want to get involved, let us know! Our Partners are always looking for inspired volunteers to support their Healthful Initiatives and annual events.