About Us

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We welcome you to This Is Healthful Inc.

We’re excited you are ready to learn more about the TIH culture that our team is encouraging and embracing everyday!

TIH is instilling a movement to educate individuals and organizations across Canada on thinking more about the now of each health action taken daily.
It has been proven over and over again that focusing on the now improves overall health; it is the strongest prevention tool. Right now at this moment, by reading about TIH, you are educating yourself on personal development, Congratulations!

We want you to feel in charge, proud, informed and educated on how to value each milestone. TIH believes if you live within the healthful journey unique to your needs, you have achieved the gift of optimal health.

What is unique about TIH’s delivery is our members are the decision makers! Yes, our members have the largest impact on what healthful resources our team of specialists will provide.

Through Personal Health and Corporate Health TIH has created two interactive health education platforms.

We thank you for taking the time to learn about This Is Healthful Inc.

Cheryl Mason

Founder & Owner

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 We ‘This Is Healthful Inc.’ are here to support the healthiest journey each individual can achieve within the lifestyle they choose.


“Live Life In Your Body First“


We ‘This Is Healthful Inc.’ want everyone to be confident in their health choices.


This Is Healthful Inc. is committed to being a trusted source for healthful education on Healthy Habits, Essential Eating, Physical Activity and Mental Hygiene. TIH is a guide for connecting users to other health resources that we trust and share common values with.

Our Core Values

  • Development – See life as a continuous journey, focus on caring every day for your current health and for your future health.
  • Leadership – We believe that great leaders view learning IS as equally important as educating. Working together to broaden your knowledge and take a leading role in your health.
  • Inventive – There is nothing ordinary about how much our world and society is changing; we are committed in providing a creative approach to delivering health resources.
  • Equality – The right for people not to be defined by their shape or size. To use the label ‘happily healthier’ for each stage and choice we make.

Our Healthful Initiative Fund

Seize the opportunity to make the environment, people in our lives and community healthier.

The Healthful Initiative Fund supports our members charitable and health related causes that are important to them as well as our companies Objective, Mission and Vision.

Our Name

This Is Healthful Inc. is a play on the common phrase this is helpful”; you should try it!

We are simply giving helpful advice, it is up to you what you do with it.


Why a Stamp Logo?

Stamp – “Approval, Certified, an Impression, Longevity or Official Mark Identifying with Ownership”.

We must own our bodies and accept ourselves first, in order for us to have the healthiest life.

We, This Is Healthful Inc. are certified professionals united by your commitment from this day forward, to support you as you take a closer look at your healthful journey.